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Ministers Musings

It doesn't seem a year since the last Remembrance Service but it is and the world hasn't really moved on since. The First World War was thought to have been the war to end all wars such was the catastrophic effect of it. However the heart of humanity needs to change before wars end. We need to be less territorial, less competitive and more cooperative, less greedy and more sharing, less dogmatic and more pragmatic. Perhaps here in the United Kingdom we need to back off from the winner takes all mentality that seems to permeate Westminster Politics and have a more pragmatic compromising approach to politics; an approach which cause the governing party to consider more what the others think and need. Yes indeed, there needs to be a change of attitude and that won't happen until the heart, the inner being of humanity changes and seeks the common good of all the world allowing all to flourish and thus to live in peace.


Scottish Charity Number: SC008824