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Ministers Musings

A happy New Year to one and all. A new year ahead can be a daunting thought while on the other hand it can be seen as a great challenge or a fantastic opportunity. On the other hand some people simply live one day at a time and would say 'enjoy the moment' or 'enjoy each moment as it comes along'. There is a type of philosophy being promoted these days called 'Mindfulness' and it encourages us to focus on each moment and not to get too far ahead of ourselves and this is supposed to reduce anxiety and over worrying about the future. Sounds good if you can do it. However Jesus did tell us not to worry too much about the day ahead of us because the current day has enough to deal with. I suppose a faith perspective helps us to keep a healthy view of the future. If we believe as Christians that everything is in God's hands then we should not fear or over worry about the future and try to live each day as it comes along facing each day with faith, faith in a loving God who is our Hevaenly Father. Jesus said that our Heavenly Father knows when a sparrow falls to the ground and if this is so 'how much more will he care about you?' I reckon so much more, a lot more. Let me encourage you not to worry too much about the future because the God of the past and of the present is also the God of the future, whatever your future God your loving Heavenly Father will be in it with you.


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